“Khalkbank” posts the list of ATM addresses on its website

The website of Khalkbank has published the list of ATM addresses. It is one of the largest banks with retirement allowances and salaries being transferred to its bank cards.

111 ATMs operate in Turkmenistan and they are not evenly distributed around the country. There are 35 ATMs in Ashgabat.

There are 11 ATMs in Dashoguz. Since they are not available in the majority of regional etraps, residents need to go to Koneurgench or the capital of the province to be able to withdraw cash.

There are 11 ATMs in Akhal and it should be mentioned that there are none in Babadaikhan and Sarakhs.

There are only 4 ATMs in Balkan velayat and therefore residents of Bekdash have to drive 200 kilometers to the nearest cash machine, whereas the inhabitants of Gazanzhik need to cross the distance of 200 kilometers, Gazanzhik � 200 kilometers, Cheleken � 135 kilometers, Garrygala � 250 kilometers.

Mary velayat has 24 cash machines whereas Lebap velayat is equipped with 26 ATMs.

Taking into account density, it turns out there is one ATM per 400 square kilometers. There are velayats with one cash machine per 33,000 square kilometers, for instance, Balkan velayat.

Since early June Turkmenistan's residents have been experiencing difficulty pertaining to withdrawals of cash in ATMs. People are forced to spend hours in the queue in an attempt to withdraw their retirement benefits and salaries.

On 11 September the President met with the CEOs of the banks to discuss funding of digitalization and the use of bank cards.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan