Kickboxers of Turkmenistan won six medals at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games

Turkmen athletes won six medals in kickboxing competitions at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in the Turkish city of Konya.

In this type of program, in which 31 sets of medals were played in the sections of full contact (in 10 weight categories for men and 6 for women) and low kick (in 11 weight categories for men and 4 for women), the team Turkmenistan was represented by 14 kickboxers.

In the low-kick section, in which blows are delivered to the opponent's legs, but it is forbidden to strike the knee or calf muscle, Turkmen athletes won four medals - 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

Serdar Mammedov was awarded the highest standard in the weight category up to 81 kg, having won over Ruslan Stepanov (Kazakhstan) in the final. Bronze medalists were Nurbek Urishboev (Uzbekistan) and Fatih Erman (Turkey).

Atajan Atamyradov (up to 54 kg) and Gulzada Dzhorakuliyeva (over 65 kg) became the owners of the silver medal in the team of Turkmenistan. The first in the duel for gold lost to Bilal Dural (Turkey), and the second lost to Turkish Bediha Tachyldyz.

Bronze award in the category up to 67 kg was content with Mukhammet Altybaev.

In the full contact section, the toughest variety of kickboxing, in which full contact with knockout punches is allowed (with the exception of punches to the head, as well as kicks to the joints of the legs), Omargeldy Nurgeldiyev (up to 54 kg) and Khadzhimyrat won bronze medals in the team of Turkmenistan Geldymammedov (up to 86 kg).

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper