Knitwear from Fashion House: traditions and innovations

The Ashgabat Fashion House of the Ministry of Textile Industry has mastered the manufacture of scores of adults' and children's garments. Its designers make full use of innovative equipment.

Installed in a knitting room, Shima Seiki computerized flat knitting machines (Japan) make it possible to produce more than 23,000 knitwear items for men, women and children annually.

Thanks to the Japanese company's patented software solution, the Fashion House has now started mass production of garments. Thousands of uniforms and workwear, jackets, jumpers, vests, and other clothes with modern design ideas and creatively chosen colors have been produced for public sector employees, power industry workers, seamen, border guards, Migration Service officials, servicemen, bus and taxi drivers.

The innovative equipment enables designers to program a knit production process, and mix-and-match national traditions and the latest fashion trends. Aside from wool yarn from Belarus, locally produced high-quality cotton yarn is used as well.

The knitting room makes much-in-demand knit coats (don), modern women's and children's dresses, men's outerwear, girls' cardigans, and other garments. Brightly colored and intricately patterned national dresses, which are highly popular with Turkmen women, knit T-shirts, polo shirts, girls' summer dresses, scarves are also created here.

Machine-made distinctively Turkmen tablecloths (sachak) have a unique national flavor. In 2018 alone, over 10,000 national-style knitted items were manufactured by the Fashion House. Practically all the goods produced here have knit patterns created by a special program.

This year, the Fashion House's specialists have plans for buying high-performance knitting machines from world leading manufacturers to increase the production capacity. Tenders have been invited for the supply and installation of production equipment.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper