Knowledge Day: hello school!

By September 1, the State Museum of Fine Arts has launched an exhibition of paintings and sculptures dedicated to the beginning of the academic year.

From the storerooms of the museum, paintings appeared before the visitors, conveying joy and cheerful, noisy gatherings that accompany the children on this day. The exhibition opened with the famous works of our wonderful artists: “Book Bazaar” by Izzat Gylyjov, “Tomorrow to School” by Pyotr Tativosov, “September 1” by Yevgeniy Adamov. Light, sunny, optimistic canvases are clear evidence that Knowledge Day is a holiday for many generations.

But it was not always so. About how people were drawn to knowledge is another topic touched upon at the exhibition. The famous painting “The First Teacher” by Ayhan Hajyyev tells about how much heroism was required to bring school supplies to distant villages to teach children to read and write. And the canvas of the artist Bazar Gurbangeldiyev “Likbez” eloquently testifies to the desire to master the letter.

Knowledge Day is a bright holiday not only for schoolchildren, but also for students of institutes and technical schools. The painting “Youth” by Syvly Yaranov is presented somewhat abstractly. The youth, at the suggestion of this artist, like flowers, adorns our planet with their hopes, striving upwards, ideals of goodness and justice. An interesting exhibit among the sculptural works of small forms is the “Atom” model by an unknown author. The sculpture is an enlarged structure of the smallest particle that underlies everything organic and inorganic in the universe. Museum experts considered it appropriate to have this exhibit in the exhibition dedicated to the Day of Knowledge, as a vivid symbol of one of the scientific achievements of mankind.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper