«Kopetdag» makes an application for the championship in the Futsal Super League of Turkmenistan, defeating «Denizchi»

A weighty bid for victory in the Turkmenistan Futsal Super League was made by «Kopetdag», having beaten the reigning champion of the country «Denizchi» in the 16th round – 2:1.

The teams have met twice before. Both matches ended in draws. In the first round – 3:3, in the second – 0:0.

The third match of contenders for the championship was held in a bitter struggle. By the middle of the first half, «Kopetdag» was winning – 2:0, having scored both goals with an interval of three minutes from the standards. The score was opened after a corner kick by Gurbannyyaz Sahedov, and in the second case, after throwing the ball out, Mulkaman Annakulyyev scored.

Before the break, «Denizchi» scored one goal. I did it after a corner kick by Alisher Hudaybergenov. But the team of the International Sea Port of Turkmenbashy failed to avoid defeat.

After this victory, «Kopetdag» became the sole leader with 42 points. «Denizchi», 3 points behind, is in second place. Closes the top three with 33 points «Gumrukchi», who won over «Ahal» – 4:1.

«Senagatbank» is 4 points behind the team of the State Customs Office, having beaten the futsal players of the TCOR – 4:1.

The fifth position is held by the debutant of the Super League of Turkmenistan-2022 «Dashoguz», who defeated the team «Milli goshun» – 5:1.

In the 17th round, the games of which will take place on November 10, «Kopetdag» will play with «Dashoguz», and «Denizchi» – with «Gumrukchi». In other matches will meet: «Senagatbank» – «Ahal» and «Milli goshun» – TCOR.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper