“Kopetdag” won the first victory in the championship of Turkmenistan-2022 on football

The first victory in the championship of Turkmenistan on football was won by the capital's “Kopetdag”, beating “Ashgabat” - 2:1.

The game, which opened the second round of the national championship, took place at the “Nisa” stadium.

The first half passed with a slight territorial advantage of “Kopetdag”. However, the teams went to the break with the score 1:0 in favor of “Ashgabat”. In the first stoppage minute, Shatlyk Kurbanov hit the gates of the visiting team, skillfully playing on rebounds.

Most of the second half of the meeting was held in an equal fight. However, towards the end of the match, the hosts began to play to keep the account, for which they paid. First, in the 88th minute, Begench Akmammedov, having converted a penalty, leveled the situation - 1:1, and already in the second of four added minutes he scored the winning goal, chalking up the first double. The last goal was a little funny. The defender tried to knock the ball out of the penalty area, but cut it off to B. Akmammedov, who, being in the goalkeeper's area, headed it into the net without interference.

Having gained a strong-willed victory, “Kopetdag” scored the first 3 points. The same number in the asset, but after one game, “Ahal”, “Shagadam”, “Altyn Asyr” and “Merv”.

The second round will continue with the Mary and Balkan derby, in which “Energetic” - “Merv” and “Nebitchi” - “Shagadam” will meet. The tour will end with a duel between the two best teams following the results of last year's championship - “Altyn Asyr” and “Ahala”.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper