Korean companies offer Turkmenistan high technology solutions

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov flew around the capital, getting acquainted with the state of affairs at a number of major construction sites, the progress of further improvement of the city, and the improvement of the capital's road and transport infrastructure from aboard the helicopter.

Having familiarized with the state of affairs in the construction of residential complexes in the northern part of the capital, the leader of the nation focused on the implementation of tasks related to the gradual improvement of the social security of the urban population as a key aspect of the large-scale urban development program in Ashgabat. Noting the need for wide application of advanced architectural and engineering ideas in practice, the President of Turkmenistan stressed that the planning of each facility should fully meet its functional purpose. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the landscape and relief features of the area allocated for construction.

Also, the head of state noted that on the outskirts of the capital it is necessary to build model villages, plant gardens that will help in the formation of forest zones, which in turn will lead to a favorable ecological climate. The expediency of mass planting of seedlings along the banks of the Karakum River was also noted, which will help strengthen and protect the channel from harmful impacts.

The leader of the nation inspected new objects in a large residential area, erected within the 15th stage of the Ashgabat has hosted the 2nd seminar on Turkmen-Korean economic cooperation. A representative delegation of the Republic of Korea arrived in Turkmenistan to take part in it. Among those attending the seminar from the Turkmen side were senior officials and leading specialists from some ministries and agencies.

The meeting focused on the issues of expanding cooperation on a long-term basis in a number of areas, particularly in the fuel and energy sector, transport and communications, industry, and others.

The seminar participants highlighted that rapid development of the national economy, steady GDP growth rates, and a favorable investment climate in the country make the Turkmen market attractive to Korea's business circles.

Guests acquainted their Turkmen partners with the potential and facilities of leading Korean companies. As noted, the Republic of Korea, an acknowledged global leader in high technology, is willing to offer its scientific and manufacturing solutions in the high technology industry and to take active part in the state programs and joint national and regional projects ongoing in Turkmenistan. Representatives of the friendly country's business community also expressed their readiness to make a contribution to specialist training with the aim of developing small and medium business in the country.

The seminar attendees exchanged opinions on the promotion of bilateral agreements, reached at different levels, and identified specific steps towards their realization.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper