Kremlin did not affirm Armenian PM’s allegations against Azerbaijan

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitriy Peskov commented on Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's statements regarding Baku's alleged "Western Azerbaijan" concept against Yerevan, APA reports. The Kremlin official said that he did not hear such statements from Azerbaijan at the state level, but on the contrary, official Baku made statements that were devoted to the peace agenda. 'Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about Nikol Pashinyan's words, because I'm not familiar with such statements from Azerbaijan at the state level. We have heard completely different statements from the authority of the country, from the leadership of Azerbaijan, which is about the completion of one phase and the preparation for the final phase for the conclusion of a peace treaty,' - Peskov said to the journalists. 'Therefore, I currently can not say anything specific about this part of Mr. Pashinyan's statement,' - Peskov added. Note that the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has said that Azerbaijan's steps create the i mpression that it is preparing for new military operations against Armenia. According to the Armenian Prime Minister, the territory of Armenia has been called Western Azerbaijan in Azerbaijan at the state level. Source: Azeri-Press News Agency