Kyrgyzstan provides itself only with potatoes, vegetables and milk

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan presented data on the provision with the basic socially important food products in Kyrgyzstan.

It is noted that only potatoes (167.4 percent of supply), vegetables and melons (164.5 percent) and milk (116.5 percent) are sufficient due to own production. More than half of the required bread (77.6 percent), meat (80.5 percent), sugar (69 percent) and eggs (63.9 percent) were produced in the country.

The most difficult situation is with the supply of vegetable oil (44 percent), fruits and berries (only 18.2 percent).

At the same time, the share of imports in the domestic market was 62.6 percent for bread products, 20.1 percent — for meat, 57.5 percent — for vegetable oil, 34.2 percent — for sugar and 50.4 percent — for fruits and berries.

Source: News Agency