Large autumn wheat sowing was launched in Turkmenistan

On August 23, large autumn wheat sowing was launched in Turkmenistan. Country's grain field will occupy 760 thousand hectare of land, where daikhans should harvest 1 million 600 thousand tons of wheat in 2018, particularly in Akhal velayat � 450, Mary � 380, Lebap � 350, Dashoguz � 300 and Balkan � 120 thousand tons.

Just after bread crops mowing-time completion, there were plowed and fertilized arable areas, intended for the future year's wheat harvest, high quality grocery wheat seeds of productive varieties are prepared, in particular such as Sahrai, Juvan, Bitarap, Yoloten-1, Yoloten-3, Turkmenbashy-1, Gyzylshaglavuk-25, Miras, Akbash, Irishka, Yubileinaya-100, Batko, and also Krupinka.

Growers are fully equipped with the necessary agricultural machinery. As reported in the country's Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, as a whole in Turkmenistan, over 2 thousand arable and 5 thousand cultivating tractors of Case, CLAAS, John Deere, Belarus-80N and Belarus-82.1, more than 1,670 seed drills, and other aggregates and equipment will be involved in the current campaign.

A good support for farmers will be new equipment from world-famous companies such as John Deere (USA) and CLAAS (Germany), which will help them to carry out the seedtime in appropriate course. In particular, 400 John Deere 8245R tractors and 200 CLAAS tractors, came into the country this summer, will work in the fields.

All modifications of agricultural machines, incoming to our country, have to receive obligatory tentative practical approval � the testing in compliance with local edaphic-climatic conditions. Samples of new technology of John Deere and CLAAS have also successfully been tested in the fields, demonstrating their benefits, such as versatility, high power and reliability.

On the occasion of the autumn sowing start in all regions, there were held seminars with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management, velayat and etrap khyakimliks, heads of daikhan associations, agronomists, machine operators, and tenants-farmers. In particular, they discuss the issues of organized sowing campaign, usage of modern methods of agricultural technology. Within the frame of seminars, there were organized exhibitions of products, manufactured by enterprises of the country's agro-industrial complex, as well as the latest farming machinery.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency