Largescale changes in agrarian sector give significant results

Grain producers of Turkmenistan had a big working victory. Having produced more than 1,650,000 tons of wheat, they have successfully fulfilled contractual obligations.

Turkmenistan is the country with ancient and rich agriculture and today, traditions of rational attitude to the land receive new life.

Farmers have unparalleled benefits. Technical rearmament of the branch is going on rapidly, latest technologies, which together with centuriesold practice of rational land management of the ancestors become a solid foundation for rapid development of agriculture, are actively implemented.

Comprehensive state support to the farmers, provision of powerful social and economic base for development of agriculture are the guarantee for current growth of production volumes in national agricultural complex.

It is worth reminding that this year, the fields under the wheat occupied 760,000 hectares. Around 2,000 grain harvesters from the world famous manufacturers CLAAS, John Deere, Case, New Holland have been involved in the peak of the harvest. Working all day around in two shifts, this modern equipment helped the farmers to pick rich yield fast and without any loss.

Delivery of wheat to reception facilities, warehouses and grain elevators was provided by more than 10,000 tracks provided by the ministries and departments.

Hundreds of mobile service and maintenance teams provided the services to the farmers 24/7 during harvest campaign providing them with necessary fuel, lubricants, spare parts for equipment.

Proper living conditions have been made at the field camps for farmers, equipment operators, drivers and other personnel participating in the campaign, concerts of art masters and work of mobile shopping outlets has been organized.

Coordinated work of all links of grain harvest conveyor has resulted in significant success.

As is known, Turkmenistan has an opportunity to export the excess of wheat for several years already. Our country has been elected to the Executive Council of the World Food Programme for 2020 2022.

In general, all of these serves as visual evidence of successful solution of the objectives for provision of food abundance in the country including by comprehensive satisfaction of the requirements of local market in our own wheat.

Source: Turkmenistan State News AgencyTDH