“Lebap” – the champion of Turkmenistan on football among young men

The final of the national football championship among juniors born in 2002 was held at the stadium of the metropolitan residential community of Goykcha. The title of champion won the football club "Lebap". The athletes representing the eastern region were the best among the seven teams representing the regions of the country and the city of Ashgabat.

The group A, according to the draw, included Chagadam 2 (the city of Turkmenbashi), SDUSHOR (Sports School for Children and Youth Olympic Reserve), SShF (Sports School of Football) and Ahal (Ahal region), Group B - Lebap (Lebap velayat), Olymp (Sports secondary school Olymp) and the team Balkan (Balkan region).

According to the results of the group stage, the four of the strongest youth teams of the country were defined - SSF, SDUSHOR, Lebap and Balkan. Having won a victory over the representatives of sports schools, the players of the eastern and western regions contested the title of champions in the final.

The main time of the match ended with the score 2: 2, and in extra time the Lebapans were able to prove their superiority over the opponent. In the match for the 3rd place, the FCF beat the Sports School at a penalty of 5: 4.