Lebap velayat reaches its raw cotton production targets

Farmers of the country's eastern region have reported on the successful fulfillment of a state order for raw cotton production, having delivered more than 300,000 tons of 'white gold' to specially designated cotton centers.

Timely completion of all necessary agricultural operations in the region's 120,000-hectare cotton-growing area helped to produce a good yield of this industrial crop. Daikhan associations were working in close and efficient collaboration during the harvesting campaign.

Thousands of tons of raw cotton have been harvested above the planned target in the following daikhan associations: Lebap and Burdalyk (Hojambaz etrap); Lebap (Darganata etrap); Chekich and Bereket (Sayat etrap); J. Hyakimov, J. Hajyev and Parakhat (Charjev etrap); Farab and Vatan (Farab etrap); Pelvert and Guych Birlishik (Halach etrap); O. Sohbetov and Hatap (Kerki etrap).

Many leading cotton growers produced 1.5 times or twice the amount of cotton they had been required to under the contract. Thus, tenant farmers D. Hamraev from Lebap Daikhan Association in Hojambaz etrap and G. Annaberdiev from J. Hyakimov Daikhan Association in Charjev etrap harvested 62 centners of 'white gold' per hectare from a 5-hectare field and 60 centners per hectare from a 3-hectare field respectively.

The efficient day-to-day operation of cotton combines was certainly a contributing factor to the successful agri-campaign. A. Ahmedov from Farab etrap and S. Hallyev from Sayat etrap, who were top performers in a competition among combine operators, harvested over 120,000 tons of cotton each.

Today, Lebap velayat has hosted a festive celebration to mark the remarkable triumph and honor the region's best cotton producers, who were presented valuable gifts from the head of state. The event was topped off with a concert given by performing groups.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper