Lebap velayat successfully implements Urban Development Program

A new apartment building will soon be a new addition to the housing stock of the town of Gazachak (Darganata etrap) - the gas-producing center in Lebap velayat. Finishing work is approaching an end in well-planned apartments with modern amenities. The house is being built by specialists of the Fifth Construction Projects Department, Seidi Turkmengundogarnebitgurlusyk.

Constructed by order of Lebapgazcykarys Regional Administration, the two-story building for 16 families of gas field workers boasts four- and five-room apartments with a high standard of comfort.

The new modern settlement of Darganata is now under construction in this northern etrap of Lebap velayat. More than 300 residential houses (some of which are now in the final stages of construction), two 640-seat general education schools, two 240-seat kindergartens, a community center with a 500-seat auditorium, a health house, a complex of shopping facilities and public amenities, a purification plant with a daily capacity of 10,000 cubic meters of potable water, utilities and roads will cover an area of 340 hectares.

Four new urban settlements are to be constructed in Lebap velayat in the short term.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper