Losses of business due to ban on fish exports reached 4 billion soms

Losses of business due to the ban on fish exports to Russia amounted to about 4 billion soms. Chairman of the Association of Fish Manufacturers Urmat Zhumaliev announced at the first congress of fish farmers, processers and exporters of fish and fish products of Kyrgyzstan.

According to him, the Veterinary Service of Kyrgyzstan is to blame for the current situation, which ignored the warnings of Rosselkhoznadzor.

«There are many problems in our sector. The Veterinary Service does not conduct tests — there are no reagents. We have to send samples to Kazakhstan and Russia. I ask the Veterinary Service to hear us. You had to develop an export plan, specify what tests are needed. They didn’t. Russia has lifted the export ban for two domestic companies, but they still have not been able to send a single truck of fish for export. It is not clear which laboratories and for which tests to go. The Veterinary Service did nothing to change the situation for three months when the border was closed,» he said.

In February, Rosselkhoznadzor appealed to the Veterinary Service of Kyrgyzstan with a request to suspend certification of trout and trout caviar sent to Russia.

Later, the ban was lifted for two enterprises — Aqua Prom LLC and Tien Shan Fish LLC.

Source: 24.kg News Agency