Loyalty to the president and reliable relatives. List of requirements for candidates for bureaucratic positions in Turkmenistan published

The Turkmen news publication has published a document with a list of requirements for candidates for public positions: heads of enterprises, institutions subordinate to ministries, central government bodies of industries, khyakimliks, institutions without a higher organization, structural units of higher educational institutions and others.

The order of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov dated 2018 states that officials appointed to positions must know the Turkmen language, be devoted to the people and the president, strengthen stability in the country, have a high legal and moral culture, and respect the rights and freedoms of citizens.

With regard to professional qualities, then, as the newspaper writes, the need for education and work experience are not clearly spelled out in the document.

"The constitution and legislation should be studied only to the extent that they are required in the performance of duties," Turkmen news quoted the order as saying.

Separately, the need to provide not only autobiographical and other personal information about the candidate, but also information about relatives in three generations (the corresponding certificate is called “uch archa”) is stipulated.

All information about the candidate is sent first to the vice-premier of the area in which the candidate intends to work, then to the president of the country, and after his preliminary approval, to the special services, which begin to check the future official. With a positive decision, the reverse procedure occurs, when the verification data is transmitted back to the president, and from him to the vice-premier, who ultimately approves the official in his new position.

This procedure does not apply to those directly appointed to the position by acts of the President, as well as to employees of law enforcement agencies.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan