Magazine «Politics and Society»

The next issue of the scientific and theoretical magazine «Politics and Society» published by the Archival Fund of the President of Turkmenistan of the Main Archive Department under the Cabinet of Ministers, has been published.


The issue opens with an article dedicated to the achievements of Turkmenistan in various fields over 30 years of independence. The publication emphasizes that the year 2021, which was held under the motto «Turkmenistan – the Motherland of Peace and Trust», inscribed important events in the annals of the Motherland, which marked its further progress along the path of modernization and digitalization of the economy, improvement of public administration, building up human capital through the development of science, education, culture, health and sports.


The central topics of the magazine are the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the 140th anniversary of the city of Ashgabat and the key factors of its sustainable development. In this context, a series of publications under the heading «Turkmenistan – the Motherland of Peace and Trust» should be noted.


The articles posted under the heading «International Relations» reveal the humanitarian aspects of the diplomacy of neutral Turkmenistan, describe the accumulated experience and modern foreign policy strategy of our country, which indicates the ever-increasing importance and actualization of the institution of neutrality in the system of international relations.


One of the materials of the publication is devoted to the study of the phenomenon of the Turkmen model of permanent positive neutrality. Readers will be able to take a short digression into history, familiarizing themselves with archival data on the role of diplomacy in the state of the Great Seljuks.


A number of articles are united by the theme of improving the education system and its transition to a digital platform. The authors of the publications note that the educational and pedagogical process is based on innovative digital technologies, the best world educational standards, universal and national values, as well as the rich traditions of folk pedagogy.


Readers will be interested in material on the origin and achievements of the science of archeology.


Among other relevant topics raised on the pages of the publication are the national economic model, the global Sustainable Development Goals, the development of the country’s oil and gas industry, which provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state of various sectors of the national economy, and reflect steps taken to diversify the national economy.


The article «Gender equality is the key to sustainable development» is devoted to the analysis of gender policy in Turkmenistan. As the author notes, state care for women is a sign of a healthy society, its humanity and morality.


The issue ends with materials on the richness of the musical art of the Turkmen people, the role of national culture in the development of tourism in the country.




Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH