Magic melodies of love from musicians of Rasul Klychev

To the holiday of all lovers, Rasul Klychev and the musicians of the Youth Chamber Orchestra presented Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital with a concert “Magic Melodies of Love”, which was held at the National Music and Drama Theater named after Magtymguly.

"What is love?" - this theme formed the connection between the stage and the audience. The host of the concert, actor Vasily Andronov, had a lot of statements about the love of poets, writers, philosophers. And for each performance he quoted one of them. Oddly enough, none of the quotes repeated the essence of the others, that is, everything indicated that one can talk about love endlessly.

With the melody "Theme of Love", the Youth Chamber Orchestra conducted by Rasul Klychev opened the program of a romantic evening. This work by Barry White was eceived by the audience as an overture to the whole concert.

Concert soloists helped to understand the question "What is love?". The song "Ship of Oblivion" was joyfully performed by Maysa Niyazova, "Speak to me about love, Maria" by Nury Nuryev, "I hear a symphony" by Dovran Shammyev, "Snowstorm" from the musical "Anna Karenina" by Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Leyli Okdirova and many other songs, which also hide the love experiences of two loving hearts. The singers delighted the audience not only with their brilliant vocal performance, but also with the creative artistic presentation of the number.

The show duet "Art-motion" underlined the height of the relationship of the beloved couple with the exquisite beauty of the ballroom dance.

There was a surprise: Anthony Hopkins' "Waltz" was included in the concert program. The role of the villain, in which the famous British actor has established himself, did not prevent him from creating such a sentimental, light and sparkling dance melody.

The two-hour concert was very interesting. Saying farewell words to the audience, Rasul Klychev said: “The most important feeling is love, let our love grow stronger day by day and not fade away until the end of our lives.” Probably, Vasily Andronov will include this statement in his portfolio of quotes about love.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper