Male students who did not have time to leave Turkmenistan before October 1 will be sent to the army

Enrolled in Russian universities, men of military age must leave Turkmenistan before October 1. According to sources of Turkmen news, after this date, the deferment from the army will cease to operate in the military registration and enlistment offices.

Now at the entrance to the Russian consulate in Ashgabat, long queues of young people are accumulating, who are trying to get study visas. Turkmen police stationed outside the consulate take bribes to get them into the building. Those who pay 2-3 thousand manats (about $100-150 at the market rate) get an appointment almost immediately. Those without money can wait in line for weeks.

The publication notes that some students are removed from flights already at the airport. Sometimes this is explained by the fact that the universities they entered are not included in the list approved by the Turkmen authorities. In other cases, employees of the Migration Service find fault with the fact that documents received from a Russian university do not have a postal seal. That is, theoretically, documents cannot be obtained through a person who has returned from Russia. They must be sent by mail.

On the basis of what regulations the deferment from the army will cease to operate on October 1 is unknown. On the contrary, the Law “On State Youth Policy” signed on September 1 by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov was amended “on the temporary deferment of military service, subject to the provision of a one-time opportunity for children who have graduated from secondary school to participate in entrance exams to higher and secondary vocational educational institutions in order to achieve continuity of education. ".

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan