Martin Chungong notes the importance of joining of Turkmenistan to the IPU

The Mejlis hosted the meeting with the delegation of the Inter-Parliamentary Union chaired by Secretary general Martin Chungong arrived in our country with working visit.

The Head of the delegation highlighted that its members accepted with the pleasure the opportunity to see the achievements of neutral Turkmenistan with their own eyes. Constructive initiatives and practical measures of Turkmenistan for the provision of common peace and stability, achievements of the Goals of sustainable development raise great respect and recognition of the word community.

Speaking of the objectives of current meeting � the discussion of the expansion of relations between Turkmenistan and foreign countries and entry to new level of cooperation, the Head of the IPU noted that the Union consists of 173 states and 11 Inter-Parliamentary organizations supporting the development of parliamentary, establishment of peace, protection of international security as well as respect for human rights. In this regard, the importance of the joining of our country to Inter-Parliamentary Union during the 137th Assembly of this competent structure in Saint Petersburg October 2017 was highlighted.

It was mentioned that this fact indicates the growth of international authority of the country realizing the policy of consolidation of civic institutions and democratic values.

During the conversation, the guest was introduced with the structure and directions of the Mejlis activity, it was mentioned that at present time, solid legal framework was made taking into account the world law-making practice. This work together with the joining to important Conventions of the United Nations comprehensively supports efficient integration of the country to the world legal space.

Number growth of the friendship groups made by the Mejlis of Turkmenistan with the parliaments of different countries, steady development of established beneficial relations with the UN specialized agencies and other international structures indicates efficient involvement of the capabilities of Parliamentary diplomacy.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper