Mary Province Fulfills 70 Percent of Government Procurement Plan

As of 25 June, cereal growers in Mary province produced nearly 265 thousand tons of grain thus fulfilling approximately 70 percent of the government procurement plan.

As in the past, the district of Sakarchage remains leader in volumes of grain harvesting with 36 thousand 500 tons. Farmers of the district of Garagum rank second with 34 thousand tons of wheat. The district of Bayramaly is also among the three leaders with nearly 29 thousand 800 tons. With 29 thousand 100 tons, Murgap collected slightly less.

Harvesting continues in Yoloten district that won the contest as the best district of the country in 2015. During the current season, farmers in this district fulfilled 75 percent of their contractual obligations.

Winter crops on majority of lands in Mary province have been collected. Currently, 290 combine harvesters are involved in threshing. Net daily growth amounts to 5 thousand 260 tons.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper