Mary velayat of Turkmenistan under the threat of flooding

The south of Turkmenistan is still experiencing torrential rains with rural and urban areas of Mary velayat being under the threat of flooding. Employees of the Emergency Situations Ministry are warning about potential flooding of some water reservoirs in the region.

In particular, round-the-clock works to reinforce the watersides and build dams are underway in Mid Gindukush and Lower Gindukushin water reservoirs in Mary velayat. Both water reservoirs are located 1,50 meters above the level of the city of Mary.

However, the major threat is Saryyazin water reservoir with the volume of 260 million cubic meters, which might be overflown.

The military units deployed in Mary velayat, which are engaged in reinforcing the watersides, fail to perform the task despite the fact that the bulk of machinery and equipment of local units of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Economy is being deployed. The military units from Akhal velayat were sent to provide assistance. Temporary camps with tens to accommodate the military personnel have been put up. Conscripts manually are filling sacks with sand, which are subsequently delivered to the wastersides of water reservoirs by helicopters.

The residents of Saryyaz and Imambaba villages in Tagtabazar etrap were recommended to temporarily relocate to barkhans, natural high elevation areas. Many families have installed yurts, tents and temporary sheds there.

In case of dam failure the etraps of Ileten, Murgab and the city of Mary will be at risk of being flooded.

According to Gismeteo weather forecast, it will be still rainy in Mary velayat in the next few days.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan