Masterpieces of carpet art

More than twenty highly artistic carpet works were created by the carpet weavers of the Turkmenkh?ly association, which took part in the next competition among literary, cultural and art workers for the Golden Age of Turkmens presidential award. Thirteen man-made woven fabrics passed the initial selection under the terms of the competition.

Among the works selected this year, hand-made carpets with landscapes, woven by craftswomen of the Ashgabat Art Carpet Weaving Enterprise, stand out with special beauty. Unique ornamental canvases presented by the carpet weavers of the National Museum of the Turkmen Carpet, Bakharden, Dashoguz, Serdar, Yesenguli, Bereket and Mary enterprises of art carpet weaving. Craftswomen of the Khalach enterprise showed competitive works - woven carpets of complex geometric shapes.

Hand carpet weaving in Turkmenistan has survived to this day largely due to the fact that its secrets from time immemorial have been carefully passed down from generation to generation as a precious family heirloom. And today the country knows the dynasties of excellent carpet craftswomen, among whom there are many talented young people. So even at the present time, in the era of high technologies, Turkmen hand-made carpet weaving, absorbing ever new colors, enriching itself with the realities of modern life, remains the standard of artistic expression, as the works of participants in the prestigious competition vividly testify to.

Carpet art is rich in national traditions and has gained worldwide fame since ancient times. The history of the Turkmen carpet is rooted in the distant past. Over the millennia of its historical path, Turkmen carpet weaving has reached the level of art. Arising from the inspirational source of the Turkmen spirit, it attracts connoisseurs of carpets from all over the world with its beauty and aesthetics. The traditional craft in Turkmenistan is included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. It is an integral part of the socio-cultural life of the country and is considered a sign of the general cultural identity of the population of Turkmenistan.

Currently, more than 5 thousand carpet weavers work at art carpet weaving enterprises. The State Association "Turkmenhaly" unites 11 enterprises and organizations, including 8 art carpet weaving enterprises that produce Turkmen handmade carpets. The enterprises include over 30 carpet sites and workshops located in all velayats of Turkmenistan. Workers for the carpet industry are trained at the enterprises themselves.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper