“May 9” painting by Mamed Mamedov opens celebration exposition in the Museum of Visual Arts

The exhibition brought together sculptural and painting works of Turkmen artists dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in 1941 � 1945 war.

Mamed Mamedov expressed general rapture and happiness of the Victory, which united people in this moment regardless of their age and nationality. Variety of colours of the firework painted the evening sky and increased the atmosphere of the delight. Crowded square with banners and appeared in the shades of triumph and sincere emotions, love and goodness is a live embodiment of the celebration. One can hear the sounds of the brass band, tunes of accordion; people dance, laugh and congratulate each other

However, the Victory is a final of the war and the amount of grief of every family, which sent their fathers, sons and husbands to war, is expressed in the works of other artists of the exposition. The painting of Robert Shabunts Send-off is one of them. It pictures old father and mother embarrassing their only son on the platform of railway station on the background the strings of carriages leaving for the front. All farewell words have already been said, plenty of tears have been cried and there is a last moment before the parting and may be forever the restraint of the feelings increase the pain that parents have sending their boy to the crucible of war.

Paintings of Meretdurdy Annaguliyev Headlines of Informational Bureau speak of the home front people. In certain hours, the loudspeaker attracts like a magnet village residents, who await for the news from the front, where their husbands and sons used to fight, with anxiety and hope. Two old men, two women, soldier's wife with a baby in her arms and daughter-in-law shyly covering her face with shawl froze under high post with radio set. Those news used to connect people by invisible ties in both fronts, attacking soldiers with their relatives, who impatiently waited for the Victory and seeing them.

The painting At the Bed of Wounded Son by People's Artist of Turkmenistan Eugeniya Abramova speaks about heartfelt meeting of the mother and son in the rare front hospital. Having received the message from her son, the woman, having left all what she was doing, hurried to meet him. The woman, touched by the meeting, was never tired of looking at her son who also cannot tear his happy eyes from mother's face. There is plenty of white colour in the picture, which makes an accent of emotional and elevated perception of the moment of meeting of close people in severe and hard times of the war.

Beautiful picture Mama, We Came Back with Victory by the People's Artist of Turkmenistan Gulnazar Bekmuradov continues the Victory subject. Two smiling sons wearing uniform with orders and medals stood at attention in front of the mother running toward them. Her arms, impatient to embrace her beloved sons, are spread like wings. Everything is stirred up for her in blue haze. One cannot see the face of woman, but the impulse of her happiness from the opportunity to see her children who came back from war runs through entire canvas.

Famous work of People's Artist of Turkmenistan Izzat Klychev The Portray of War Hero Seyitniyaz Atayev is presented in different style. Probably, it would more precise to call this work Two Portrays of Seyitniyaz Atayev as spectator is watched by young Seyitniyaz Atayev from the portray painted in the times of war and Seyitniyaz Atayev with grey hair and face features softened by the time after 30 years from the Victory beside. This style, two in one portrays, is not a new but Izzat Klychev added few details emphasizing the message of the author. The portray of war times shows young Seyitniyaz Atayev holds the back of the chair and the War hero do the same in peace time while his shadow casts on the old portray and joins two images together. The artist probably tried to highlight that the feat has no time limits and heroes, who gave us clear sky and the right for happy future, will always live in national memory and history.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper