? medals won by sambo wrestlers who represented our country at the sports festival of CIS countries

With a silver and two bronze medals our sambo wrestlers who performed in Ulyanovsk (Russian Federation) at the Festival of National Sports and Games of CIS countries, returned home.

The "silver" was won by Niyazmyrat Shahmyradov who acted in a weight category of 68 kg. He works as trainer in one of the sports schools of Ashgabat.

Bronze medals were secured by Kemal Amanov (62 kg) who serves now in ranks of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan and by Nurali Yalkabov (100 kg) � resident of Dostluk settlement of Lebap region.

And this is the result of Turkmen sportsmen of the immediate reserve of the national sambo team (by the way, it is also included in the list of sport disciplines of the Ashgabat Asian Games), it is necessary to consider this result of Turkmen sportsmen quite good. As the qualitative structure of participants of the Ulyanovsk Festival of CIS which collected 350 fighters, was high enough - among them there were many champions of world and continental superiority. Especially, competitions passed on the Russian soil which is the native land of sambo- both sports and combat version.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper