Medical facilities in the northern region are equipped with innovative equipment

Set of modern medical equipment is delivered to the multi-field hospital of the Dashoguz region: KLS Martin MCO 25plus surgical laser systems and ENT workstation MedStar and Dixion. Technical re-equipment of medical institutions in the northern region is carried out within the framework of the implementation of state programs aimed at further development of the national health system and improving the quality of life of the population.

The new electronic ophthalmoscopes, which makes possible to diagnose various eye diseases with high accuracy is delivered in the department of ophthalmology of the same multi-profile hospital. At the disposal of local medical workers are also portable ultrasound devices, the functionality of which makes possible to conduct research of various organs outside the clinic and timely diagnose various diseases. Thanks to new equipment in the department of proctology is successfully performed electrocoagulation.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper