Meeting of the heads of China and Turkmenistan: cooperation between special services, support for the integrity of China and the center of traditional medicine in Turkmenistan

On January 6, talks were held in Beijing between Turkmen President Serdar Berdimuhamedov , who arrived in China the day before, and Chinese President Xi Jinping .

As expected, the main topics of discussion were the increase in Turkmen gas supplies and the construction of the fourth branch of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline, as well as cooperation in the transport sector within the framework of the Belt and Road and Silk Road Revival logistics projects.

The state information agency TDH did not give any details of the talks , limiting itself to general words about the development of cooperation in various fields.

Chinese media and the Foreign Ministry provided a little more detail:

• The fourth branch of the gas pipeline will increase the annual volume of supplies of Turkmen gas to China from 40 to 65 billion cubic meters;

• Xi Jinping announced the need "in the context of the current situation in the world and the region" to expand cooperation between special services and law enforcement agencies and jointly fight the "three forces of evil" ("Three forces of evil" China proclaimed terrorism, extremism and separatism - HT note) );

• Countries should increase cooperation in the field of health and traditional medicine, said the President of the People's Republic of China. In particular, it is necessary to intensify work on the creation of a center of traditional medicine in Turkmenistan;

WHO Help . Traditional medicine includes various methods, approaches, knowledge and beliefs that combine traditional methods of treatment based on the use of the healing properties of plants, animals and / or mineral sources, as well as methods of spiritual therapy, manual therapy and physical exercises, which can be used separately or in combination. with other methods, both for the maintenance of health and for the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of diseases.

• Serdar Berdimuhamedov supported China's efforts to preserve territorial integrity and spoke out "categorically against any separatist attempts to split China";

• Also, the head of Turkmenistan "expressed admiration for the enormous success achieved in the socio-economic development of China under the wise and faithful leadership of President Xi Jinping and the role of the PRC in shaping a more just and rational world order."

The Chinese Foreign Ministry notes that the Turkmen delegation included six vice-premiers, including Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan