Meetings of voters with candidates for the President of Turkmenistan

A meeting of voters with the candidate for the President of Turkmenistan – the chief doctor of the Avaza sanatorium of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of the country, deputy of the Mejlis of Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan Berdymammet Gurbanov, nominated by an initiative group of citizens of the Balkan velayat, took place today at the Mekan Palace of the capital’s khyakimlik.

The meeting was opened by the chief specialist of the Ashgabat City Council of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan named after Magtymguly H.Annageldiev. Then the floor was given to the candidate’s proxy – Chairman of the Balkan velayat Council of the Magtymguly Youth Organization G.Chendirov, who acquainted the audience with the candidate’s work biography. At the same time, B.Gurbanov’s high professional and personal qualities, organizational abilities, as well as his experience in a managerial position were noted.

The candidate spoken then emphasized that in the modern era, thanks to the efforts of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the position of the Motherland as a politically stable, economically powerful state demonstrating a steady pace of development is increasingly strengthening. Major projects are being implemented in all spheres of the national economy. Under the auspices of the leader of the nation, our united hardworking people are achieving remarkable labor victories.

The candidate assured that, if he is elected as the President of Turkmenistan, he will make every effort and experience to continue the large-scale transformations deployed in the country, the successful implementation of the Program “Revival of a new era of a powerful state: The National Program of socio-economic development of Turkmenistan in 2022-2052”, adopted at the meeting of the Halk Maslakhaty of Milli Gengesh on February 11 of this year.

Voicing the main directions of his election program, B.Gurbanov noted that his main task will be the steady implementation of a political course aimed at the further prosperity of the Motherland, ensuring the well-being and happiness of the people.

The priority in the economy will be to increase the efficiency of basic industries, including fuel and energy, agriculture, industrial and construction complexes, the trade sector, as well as stimulating domestic business.

As noted, the construction of social and industrial facilities in the regions, support for small and medium-sized businesses being capable of successfully solving problems in the industrial segment of the national economy will give an effective impetus to economic growth, which, in turn, will serve to improve the welfare of Turkmen citizens.

Particular attention will be paid to the further improvement, taking into account the requirements of the time, of the social sphere, including science, education, culture, sports, tourism, healthcare, the system of sanatorium-resort recreation, strengthening the profile infrastructure, education of physically strong and spiritually rich young generation with modern knowledge, strengthening the principles of a healthy and active lifestyle in society.

Neutral Turkmenistan will continue to systematically implement a peaceful foreign policy, develop equal constructive cooperation with neighboring and other interested countries, and authoritative international organizations.

Then the candidate answered the questions of the participants of the meeting concerning various aspects of his election program. Thanking the audience for their attention, Berdymammet Gurbanov once again assured that, if he is elected as the country’s President, he will direct all his strength and abilities to serve his native people and Fatherland.

In the afternoon, there was also a meeting of voters with the candidate for the highest state post – Chairman of the Committee of the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan of Saparmyrat Turkmenbashi etrap of Dashoguz velayat Maksat Odeshov, nominated by an initiative group of citizens of the country’s northern region.

The meeting was opened by the teacher of the Ashgabat construction secondary vocational school K.Annaev, who gave the floor to the candidate’s proxy – the Chairman of the Union of Trade Unions of the Gurbansoltan eje etrap of Dashoguz velayat A.Amangeldiev. He familiarized the voters with the work biography of M. Odeshov, describing him as a responsible and conscientious person with high personal and business qualities, as well as work experience in executive authorities.

Then the floor was given to the candidate, who noted that in the new historical era, the country under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has achieved impressive success in all spheres of life, has increased its authority on the world stage. The Constitution of Turkmenistan reflects the modern model of a democratic, legal, secular state, which also embodies the wise traditions and life principles of the people, rooted in the depths of centuries.

Outlining the priorities of his election program, M.Odeshov stated that, if he is elected as the President of Turkmenistan, he will make every effort to continue the implementation of the course aimed at the prosperity of his native people and Motherland.

In this regard, further strengthening of the democratic foundations of the state and society, consistent improvement of the national legislative and legal framework, taking into account the comprehensive reforms deployed in the country and in accordance with generally recognized norms of international law, innovative development of all sectors of the economy were identified among the most important tasks. Special attention will be paid to the systematic improvement of the welfare and social and living conditions of Turkmen citizens, the formation of modern infrastructure in cities and rural areas, issues of social protection of the population.

In particular, it was noted that, along with other industries, transformations in agriculture will be continued, including modernization and expansion of agricultural production, construction of processing enterprises with a full cycle of production of various food products, which will promote ensuring food abundance, creating new jobs, as well as training qualified specialists for the agro-industrial complex. The priority will also be issues of environmental protection and maintaining environmental well-being in the country.

As before, great importance, based on the requirements of the time, will be attached to the further development of scientific, educational, cultural, sports spheres, the healthcare system, and the implementation of youth policy.

The foreign policy course of an independent neutral Homeland aimed at fruitful regional and international cooperation in a bilateral and multilateral format will be worthy continued.

M.Odeshov dwelt on some provisions of his program in detail, answering questions of voters. Expressing gratitude to the audience for the fruitful meeting, the candidate again assured that, if he is elected to the highest state post, he will consistently implement the National Program of socio-economic development of Turkmenistan in 2022-2052, other programs aimed at further comprehensive progress of the Motherland, improving the standard of living of the people.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH