Meteozhurnal warns of dust storm and sudden temperature changes in Turkmenistan

On December 21, due to sharp temperature changes from 12-15 to 24-27 degrees, a storm wind at a speed of 19-24 m / s is expected in Ashgabat in gusts, which will cause a dust storm and dust haze, warns the publication "Meteozhurnal".

Temperature drops and strong winds are also expected in Akhal, Mary, Lebap and Balkan velayats.

The Uzbek hydromet also warns about the expected strong wind .

According to Meteozhurnal, having risen to 28 degrees Celsius in places on Tuesday, at the end of the week the air temperature in Turkmenistan can drop to -15 degrees Celsius at night.

On Sunday , frosty weather is possible in most of the country due to the invasion of the Asian anticyclone, the newspaper writes. In the north, during the day, the temperature is expected to be from -4 to -9 degrees, in the rest of the territory - from -4 to 1 degrees.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan