Metropolitan N.Andalib Avenue has been adorned with monumental-decorative compositions on the theme of creativity and poetry

In recent years, interesting decoration forms of urban objects such as motorways appear in Ashgabat. Together with the modernization of the capital's traffic network, tunnels and traffic circles emerge in many redeveloped avenues, original art structures and sculptural compositions arise above them. These constructions improve the quality of urban space, its habitant environment, saturating it with the spiritual powers, and elements of art.

Today, new monuments of this line have been opened on the street bearing the name of one of the greatest classics of the East literature, author of Leyli and Mejnun, Yusup and Zuleiha, and other destans. They are built on the multi-level junction circuits at the intersection of A.Berdiev and Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Streets.

Monumental-decorative construction DAlrejilik � Creativity, 20 meters high, represents a metallic construction in the form of flames, symbolizing inspiration here, and laps on a pedestal 30 meters in diameter. Inside of a flower-shaped stele Sahyr � Poet, 18 meters high, there is an ink with a huge white feather, immersed in it. A single idea of creativity is traced in the artistic conception of the monuments, it is paid tribute to the classics of the Turkmen literature and art, whose names the capital's avenues bear.

Besides aesthetic function, such art constructions, a growing number of which appears at the city intersections, are unique beacons of the extensive transport infrastructure being created in the city.

Today in the capital, it was put in operation a multi-level 240-car parking lot, built by Nesip isi IE. The new building, designed to improve the comfort of parking lots for the growing number of private passenger car traffic, is located in the residential area down the Garasyzlyk and 10 yyl abadancylyk Street.

The new parking lot conforms to international standards, and in terms of its functionality and implementation satisfies advanced trends in this area. The parking lot is equipped with automated control systems. A special electromagnetic device is installed at the entrance. There are wide driveways between the rows for vehicles' free access and egress. Several elevators operate in the building. There are car washes for customer convenience. Surrounding area is landscaped.

Modernization of road traffic infrastructure, expansion in the number of parking spaces and covered parking lots are relevant for the rapidly developing capital with daily car growth, that in its turn testifies to the improvement of the Turkmen citizens' life quality and welfare.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper