Metropolitan Primary Health Care System is an example for outpatient services in the regions

The strategy of social and economic development of Turkmenistan, developed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, sets goals for the bringing of our state into a number of powerful world powers with high indicators of economic progress and social welfare.

Steps to achieve this goal bring to the fore all the reforms carried out by the Head of the state, as a fundamental aspect of ensuring a dignified life and productive work of citizensnational public health, as the basic system designed to preserve the country's main wealth: the health of the people.

Among the main tasks of the State Program "Health" are increasing the efficiency of primary link of the public health, improving family medicine and comprehensive medical care currently offered to the population in health houses equipped with medical equipment corresponding to the latest achievements in the field of science and technology.

The greatest effect in the implementation of this program is achieved in combination with social policy, the most important aspect of which is the adoption of a healthy lifestyle in the society, the development of the physical culture and health improvement movement, modern health infrastructure, which, in addition to purely medical institutions, includes a sanatorium and health resort, tourism and leisure industry. All this is aimed at the formation of the society in which health is valued as the greatest wealth.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pays close attention to the achievement of the world level of the national medical science and the introduction of new technologies into the practice of national healthcare, focused on innovative development.

In this regard, modernization of the Metropolitan Primary Health Care System is indicative, the positive experience of which serves as a basis for improving the outpatient services in the regions of the country.

Today, the health houses provide comprehensive preventive work, the organization of medical care for the population, who is able to get a qualified examination and treatment at the place of their residence without hospitalization. Each new housing estate in Ashgabat necessarily includes the construction of health houses as key facilities for a developed social infrastructure, which is an integral requirement for the development of urban space.

If during the implementation of the first State Program "Health" in Ashgabat 9 health houses functioned, now due to the huge care of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, their number has increased to 16. In 2017, three new institutions were put into operation: Health House No. 14 in the residential area Parahat 7, Health House No. 15 on Ankara Street and Health House No. 16 in the residential area of Gurtly. And in the residential area of Tyaze Zaman, two branches of the Health House No. 13 have been opened. At present, the construction of five more such facilities is planned in the capital.

The health houses put into operation in recent years serve as a model example of bringing institutions of the medical and preventive network to a new level of family medicine and the full provision of the population with timely primary health care.

Today, the medical staff of Ashgabat health houses has advanced equipment from the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment, widely used in daily work and various portable diagnostic devices such as pocket embryonic Doppler, compact diagnostic ultrasound machine, electrocardiograph, dermatoscope, dynamometer, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, glucometer and others. With their help, family doctors have the opportunity to diagnose diseases in patients at home.

"The approach" of advanced technologies of diagnosis and treatment at the place of citizens' residence and the formation on this basis of a comprehensive information system is one of the main organizational directions of health care in our country today.

The strategy of modern medicine of Turkmenistan, on the one hand, is aimed at conducting preventive measures among healthy people, and on the other hand, on the timely identification of patients and the provision of high-quality medical care. The solution of these problems begins with the first link of health carefamily medicine, improving the quality of health education and medical supervision.

Family doctors and nurses in the areas they serve and on the basis of health houses conduct systematic preventive work among the residents, medical procedures, including the promotion of proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles, sports, informing the population about the harmful effects of bad habits, and in case of need, invite narrow specialists of different profiles to the consultation.

Today there is an extensive network of medical centers that provide a wide range of specialized services. Patients often want to receive qualified assistance in fullfrom diagnosis to rehabilitationat the place of residence, which saves time and is more convenient for people. Treatment, conducted on the basis of observations and recommendations of the family doctor, suggests the possibility of obtaining in an exclusive combination of sessions of various types of therapeutic procedures.

As the Head of the state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes, further improvement of medical services for the population, taking into account the continuous updating of medical technologies, new scientific discoveries, changes in the specificity of diseases around the world, is possible only on the condition of innovative development of healthcare, that is, on the basis of progressive developments and methods constantly introduced into practice . A strategic approach, formed in line with world trends in this field, is also important, taking into account the best international experience.

In December 2013, with the active participation of the World Health Organization (WHO), in order to prevent and combat to non-communicable diseases, in the context of the "Health-2020" provisions, a meeting was held in our capital with the participation of the ministers of Health Care of European countries, where the Ashgabat Declaration was adopted and the necessary directions for the prevention of non-communicable diseases, as well as the combat to smoking and overweight were developed. This program is aimed at strengthening the health of every citizen of the country and creating favorable socio-economic, environmental and other living conditions, taking into account WHO strategies.

The holding of such a representative forum in Ashgabat was another bright testimony of Turkmenistan's high prestige at the international arena and universal support for the progressive creative policy implemented by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The conference also confirmed the great interest of the world community in the achievements and successes of our state in the field of healthcare, recognition of the significant contribution of the Turkmen leader to the development of fruitful regional and international cooperation in this priority area.

In our country, great efforts are being made to provide every citizen with affordable, high-quality and effective curative care, both general and specialized. The program of specialized medical care in the field of cardiovascular, oncology, endocrinology, pulmonology and other diseases are widely implemented.

In March-April 2018, "STEPS" study was conducted to assess the activities in the field of non-communicable disease prevention, in accordance with the proposal of the World Health Organization among the population of Turkmenistan. It included measuring of blood pressure, height and weight, determining the level of physical activity of people and analyzing their daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as interrogation and laboratory studies to identify risk factors. The results obtained showed positive changes and significant achievements in this field.

From July 1, 2016 to the present day, working citizens of our country have an annual comprehensive medical examination in health homes at the place of residence. And it contributes to the prevention and early detection of diseases, providing the population with high-quality health care, protection and restoration of their health.

The books of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov "Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan" and "Tea is medicine and inspiration" have become not only reference books for doctors in promoting healthy lifestyles, prevention of diseases and their complications, their timely treatment, but also valuable scientific guidance.

The fact is that the impact of medicinal plants on the human body is more favorable, their choice and a variety of combinations depending on the patient's condition, his age and the presence of concomitant diseases. Effective rational use of drug treatment in combination with herbal remedies, is important especially in the rehabilitation stage.

Currently, phytobars are functioning in all health facilities, offering tea beverages made from plants described in the writings of the Leader of the nation.

Numerous cultural and sports events, which are held this year under the motto "Turkmenistan-the Heart of the Great Silk Road", contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The activities of doctors in the promotion of physical culture and sports are also aimed at attracting Turkmen citizens to participate in such events as regular Bicycle runs, athletics relay races, climbing the trail of health.

In our country, the protection of the health of mother and child is at the center of special attention of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Medical care for children and pregnant women is free of charge. Comprehensive introduction of the principle of family medicine, conducting seasonal preventive examinations in kindergartens, schools, higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, enterprises and institutions of various profiles, free vaccination contributed to the complete eradication of a number of diseases.

With the support of the World Health Organization, thanks to the implementation of the National Program on Immunization of Children and Adults, a real reduction of the infectious diseases of the population has been achieved.

Within the framework of the "Safe Motherhood" Program and with the aim of improving the care of newborns with low weight and achieving harmonious work of regional perinatal health care, Turkmenistan implemented the main measures in the field of maternal and child health that meet the requirements of international standards in developed countries of the world.

Adoption of the Law of Turkmenistan "Protection and promotion of breastfeeding and requirements for baby food" is also a clear indication of support at the state level for the protection of the health of the mother and child.

In our country, great attention is paid to the good organization of the summer holidays for children. 14 health centers of Geokdere each season take more than 7 thousand children. Medical centers have been created in all the centers, which are fully equipped with the necessary medical devices and equipment.

In them doctors, nurses of high qualifications and ambulances of the "First Aid" work around the clock. They take appropriate measures to improve the health of their children, regularly organize preventive examinations by narrow specialists and, if necessary, consultation and treatment.

Within the framework of the State program "Health", the volume of benefits provided for voluntary medical insurance has increased. Insured citizens and persons who are dependent on them, are provided with medicines on the part of the houses of health on preferential terms.

Passport of voluntary medical insurance allows you to enjoy benefits during hospitalization in hospitals and dental prosthetics. In addition, the insured citizens receive a 50% discount for medical examinations on a paid basis and once a year on preferential terms have the right to rest in health resorts, receive treatment and are provided with benefits when choosing a family doctor.

On the basis of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's decree, in 2012 all Ashgabat healthcare facilities switched to the electronic document management system. Through the fiber-optic network they are connected with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry and the Metropolitan Department of Health. The residents of the city are provided with medical electronic cards.

Training courses for health workers were organized. Also, special computer programs have been developed for various medical fields. Thus, at present the metropolitan electronic document management system functions in the proper form and in the future it is planned to improve it.

Turkmen doctors constantly improve their qualifications abroad; take part in international conferences, seminars, etc.

Thus, in recent years, on the basis of the creation of an extensive network of health care institutions, the wide accessibility of qualified medical care, the improvement of the efficiency of medical services, their compliance with the medical and preventive, diagnostic and scientific-clinical profile, the improvement of the system of training and retraining of personnel, the introduction of innovative developments and high technologies the needs of the population and the advanced achievements of medical science.

The health of the people is one of the key driving forces of Turkmenistan's economic development, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underscores, constantly focusing on the development of the national healthcare system, investing and introducing innovations in this sphere with a view to improving the quality of life and health of the citizens of our Motherland.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper