Michael Jackson Tribute Show: More Than Just A Concert

A tribute show to honor the King of Pop Michael Jackson has drawn a capacity audience at the Turkmenistan Cinema and Concert Hall. The concert featured the String Orchestra under Takhir Ataev, famous singers and dancers.

A prologue to the music and dance event clearly indicated that it would boast much originality: the women members of the orchestra walked on stage in red blouses and a single glittery glove on their right hands Michael Jackson's most recognizable trademarks. Takhir Ataev took to the stage wearing a red shirt too. After a bow to the audience, the conductor elegantly took out a coat and a sparkly glove and put them on to enthusiastic applause.

Accompanying the concert was video footage showing the notable highlights of Michael Jackson's life. The tribute event opened with the iconic song 'Thriller'. Singers Bakhar Durdyeva, Aynur Makhmydova and Maya Maksudova presented their interpretations of the pop idol's signature hit songs. Dovran Shammyev brilliantly portrayed Michael Jackson on stage, imitating his vocal style and wonderful expressiveness. Thanks to Dovran's perfectly accurate accents and charismatic personality, his rendition was literally charged with emotion and energy.

The earlier promised surprise that kept the music enthusiasts in suspense was a performance by circus artist Rovshan Melyaev, who flawlessly performed Michael Jackson's famous signature moonwalk dance, mimicking his moves and gestures.

The concert also featured an impromptu performance: one of the spectators helped a little girl with a black fedora hat like that worn by Michael Jackson to climb the stage, and she impressively performed her pop icon's dance moves.

The listeners kept applauding for a long time, not letting the artists leave the stage. Even after all the performers went out to take their final bows and several songs were performed as encores, the audience did not feel like saying goodbye to the pop star's musical legacy...

- We have organized the concert to mark the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson's death and to try out hand at the new music genre, the leader of the String Orchestra and the mastermind behind the tribute show Takhir Ataev said in a conversation. At the request of foreign music enthusiasts, who had not managed to attend the premiere, we will give a repeat performance on December 8.

The incredible energy of Michael Jackson's unique talent brought together representatives of different types of art and people of different ages with different preferences, offering them the opportunity to think in unison. This is our aim. We seek to broaden audiences' aesthetic views and experiences by interpreting and blending various musical styles and traditions.

Where did we find Michael Jackson's look-alikes? I had known Dovran Shammyev, a Music Conservatory student, before the concert and had seen his breathtaking Bruno Mars-style performance. It was my spouse, who invited Rovshan Melyaev to take part in the project. When I saw Rovshan dancing, I instantly realized that he would be our trump card and the draw of the evening. That is why we deliberately omitted his name in the program to make a wonderful surprise for the audience.

- When I was offered to perform as Michael Jackson with the String Orchestra under Takhir Ataev, I refused at first, Dovran Shammyev said. Takhir had liked the song I sang in the style of Bruno Mars at the concert dedicated to Louis Armstrong. After an in-depth conversation with Takhir, who sounded very convincing, by the way, I decided to portray Jackson.

I am not a vocalist, I study composition. Singing and dancing have been my hobbies since I was 16. I found the performance by Rovshan Melyaev absolutely stunning and I would like to adopt some of his spectacular dance moves.

- I saw Michael Jackson for the first time on TV in 1999, Rovshan Melyaev said. I was so impressed by his singing voice and amazing flexibility in his dance moves that I began practicing dancing on my own, imitating his moves. Two years later, I managed to take prize-winning places in dancing competitions. Back then, Takhir Ataev's spouse, Sokhra, noticed me. When she offered me to take part in the program I answered that I had not been dancing for more than 10 years. However, Sokhra and Takhir were able to persuade me. I practiced four hours a day to lose weight, hone my dance skills and achieve seemingly effortless and graceful movements.

- I am Emina Jackson, the girl, who was wearing the black fedora hat, introduced herself, having surprised us by her words. - Jackson is my stage name, Kadyrova is my last name. I am ten years old. I do not take dance lessons, I practice on my own. I would like to be able to dance like Michael Jackson, who is my music icon, and I have already learned something. I would be happy to take part in the project like this.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper