Mobile operator “Altyn Asyr” launched new Internet packages

In the interests of all its subscribers, starting from December 5, 2022, Altyn Asyr CJSC of Turkmenistan introduced new Internet packages. Depending on the package used, the subscribers of CJSC «Altyn Asyr» will pay:

10 manat - for 250 MB (Internet-10 package);

60 manat - for 1.5 GB (Internet-60 package);

200 manat - for 20 GB (Internet package Internet-200)

To activate new Internet packages, the subscriber needs to dial the corresponding symbols (USSD codes) on the phone screen:

Internet-10: *0850*10#

Internet-60: *0850*60#

Internet-200: *0850*200#

The internet package usage period is 30 days.

New Internet packages provide subscribers with the opportunity to use the Internet around the clock and at maximum speeds. The choice of a specific option is made by the subscriber himself, depending on how actively and for what purposes he uses the Internet. Remind that the Mobile Operator - «Altyn Asyr» on an ongoing basis is implementing a strategy to provide subscribers with high-speed Internet.

The company's specialists are tirelessly working to provide modern, perfect services to our population, introducing innovative technologies into the cellular communication system of our country, and working on new projects. Currently, contracts have been concluded with the world's largest companies for the purchase of cellular communication equipment and the introduction of new services. The contracts provide for the modernization of existing modern technical means in the cellular communication system, optical and radio transmission systems, modern switches, SMS center and dispatcher-dispatcher systems, as well as the purchase of the most modern technical equipment in the world. Installation and commissioning of equipment manufactured in accordance with the latest world standards is carried out by specialists of CJSC «Altyn Asyr» throughout the country.

Every effort is being made to provide access to high-speed Internet services in regional centers and high-speed Internet services in rural areas.

The provision of high-quality Internet services provides unlimited opportunities for both business and education, as well as for leisure. And therefore, specialists are doing everything possible to accelerate the construction and launch of new communication facilities throughout the country, paying special attention to hard-to-reach remote settlements.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper