Moderately cool weather will continue in Turkmenistan

On October 19, the first snowfall was recorded on the top of the Koytendag Mountains, located in the east of Turkmenistan. Snowfall is not expected in the regions and cities yet. During the week, the average air temperature will be +25 degrees.

Cloudy with clearings in Ashgabat. During the day +15…+17°C. Closer to the weekend up to +24°C. At night from +5…+7°C to +12…+14°C. Moderate rain and wind possible.

Partly cloudy in Ahal velayat. During the day +14…+19°C. At night +5…+10°C. During the week, the daily air temperature will reach a maximum of +25°C. High chance of rain and wind.

Cloudy and rainy in Balkan velayat. During the day +20…+25°C. At night +11…+16°C. Strong winds are also expected.

Cloudy with clearings in Mary velayat. During the day +19…+24°C. At night +9…+14°C. Intermittent rain is not excluded.

Cloudy in Lebap velayat. The air temperature during the day is +17…+24°C. At night +7…+12°C. Chance of rain.

In Dashoguz velayat it is cloudy, in some places it is raining. During the day +10…+15°C. At night from 0…+5°C to +6…+11°C. At the weekend it will warm up to +21°C.






Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper