Monument to Pushkin unveiled at Turkmen-Russian school

A monument to A.S. Pushkin was ceremonially unveiled at the A.S. Pushkin Turkmen-Russian comprehensive school in Ashgabat. The magnificent statue of Alexander Sergeyevich was gifted to the school by famous Turkmen sculptor Nurmukhammed Atayev, whose works are well known not only in Turkmenistan but also abroad. The master sculpted the poet as if he was thinking about starting a new work. The sculpture was installed in the lobby of the school. It depicts Pushkin walking, yet this is not an idle walk. Despite the simplicity of the composition, the poet appears thoughtful, looking into the distance. He is undoubtedly in a creative search.

At the ceremony, schoolchildren read out Pushkin's poems, and the First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat, Yevgeny Beloglazov, thanked Nurmukhammed Atayev on behalf of the school and embassy staff for the priceless gift.