Moon Vows to Participate in Rallies for Park’s Resignation

The former head of the main opposition Democratic Party, Moon Jae-in, vowed on Tuesday to participate in nationwide rallies for the resignation of President Park Geun-hye.

Moon made the pledge during a news conference at the National Assembly, saying that the situation has reached the point of no return.

While promising an all-out campaign until the president declares an unconditional resignation, the former presidential contender said that he will discuss related matters at an emergency committee made up of opposition party lawmakers and civil society members.

It marks the first time for Moon to make official his participation in such rallies.

He had said on November fourth that he will have no choice but to make an important decision and act together with the people if the president continues to stand against the people.

Moon has voiced the need for the president to hand over her powers to a prime minister recommended by the National Assembly, to form a neutral Cabinet and for the president to take her hands off state affairs.

Source: KBS World Radio