Mosaic panels and Venetian plaster – comfort technology

Five thousand square meters of mosaic modules will be used by IE “Türkmen-Mahabat” for the decoration of objects in the administrative center of the Ahal velayat under construction. Mosaic panels will decorate the domes of buildings, fountains, paths of the park of culture and other public places.

The individual enterprise “Türkmen-Mahabat”, fulfilling the order of builders, is known for having already produced more than ten thousand square meters of pictorial compositions in an industrial way, decorating the buildings and structures of the capital with them. The technology for the production of mosaic fragments and frescoes at an automated enterprise on the territory of the Ak Bugday etrap makes it possible to ensure the high quality of monumental compositions.

According to the sketches of Turkmen artists, 32 art panels were made from fragments of colored glass on the end walls of high-rise residential buildings along Magtymguly Avenue. Decorators covered the bicycle monument and the walls of an apartment building on Archabil Avenue with mosaic paintings, ornamented the sports facilities of the “Ashgabat” shopping and entertainment centre.

Specialists of “Türkmen-Mahabat” have mastered the industrial technology of wall paintings and the production of decorative plaster for the interiors of residential and public buildings. Frescoes are created using high-tech digital equipment - large-format flatbed printers for ultraviolet printing. The specialists of the enterprise have collected an author's collection of images and photos that meet all the requirements necessary for high-quality clear interior printing, developed a formulation of a building material with high plasticity and acrylic adhesive with mineral and antibacterial additives for attaching frescoes to walls.

Masters of finishing works have mastered the Italian and German technologies for making decorative plaster, which, when solidified, is not inferior in hardness to stone, developed a recipe for a special decorative Venetian plaster for interior work, which allows to get a glossy finish with the effect of marble walls. With the help of these technologies, entrepreneurs help shape the interior decoration of apartments, provide a comfortable and attractive space for living and relaxing for family members and guests.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper