Moscow expects Ashgabat decision on dual citizens, S. Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave a press conference on the results of the 25th OSCE Ministerial Council meeting in Italy.

One of the journalists present inquired about the fate of the RussianTurkmen citizens living in Turkmenistan, as well as the fate of those arrested in the 2006 assassination attempt on President Saparmurat Niyazov .

Question: Turkmenistan pursues citizens who have dual citizenship, creating them all sorts of obstacles when leaving the country, receiving an internal passport of a citizen of Turkmenistan. Can you help them? There are a lot of citizens who want to leave Turkmenistan and move to Russia. Is it possible to request obtaining the status of a migrant?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: As for the problem of dual citizenship, after our agreement on dual citizenship was denounced, we with the Turkmen colleagues deal with this issue on a regular basis. As I understand it, we are talking about a fairly small group of people who did not have time to resolve their issues before the denunciation of the Agreement. Turkmen partners assured us at the highest level that they will resolve these issues.

In the near future we expect specific information on this.

Question: There is information that your colleague, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan B. Shikhmuradov was deprived of his Turkmen citizenship, like a number of other people who were accused of a terrorist act. They only have Russian citizenship. Is it possible to influence the authorities of Turkmenistan so that they give a concrete answer, are these people alive or not?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: I have not heard that B. Shikhmuradov was deprived of his citizenship, but I will make inquiries and clarify.

Recall that in January 2017, the ambassador of Turkmenistan to Russia, Batyr Niyazliev, said that the issue of bipatrids (persons with dual citizenship) between Russia and Turkmenistan has not yet been settled and consultations are being held on this matter.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan