Mothers with many children unable to get new accommodation they are entitled to for years

In the run-up to celebrations of the International Women’s Day mothers of eight and more children are traditionally awarded the title «Ene mähri» and are promised to be provided with large apartments.

We have failed to find out the precise data pertaining to the total number of mothers with many children and the number of apartments presented to them, but based on some fragmented reports over the past few years, new accommodation has been provided to far fewer females than planned.

On an annual basis, from 2013 to 2020, 180 to 280 mothers became the recipients of «Ene mähri» award. However, there is no data as to the number of apartments which is distributed every year. In 2014, according to the reports of state-run media outlets, a 13- storeyed apartment building was allocated for families with many children. It was not mentioned how many apartments it accomodates but even if assuming that there are four apartments in each floor and only families which were entitled moved in, it turns out that only a third of women who received the honorary title, got new accommodation. Yet, it is most likely that there are much fewer owners of new accommodation. “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” reports that in 2016 that apartments were again allocated in the 13 storeyed apartment block. However, only 5 (!) families with many children became “happy” owners of new apartments.

Radio “Azatlyk” reports that some females have been on the waiting list for a new apartment for 10 years. The correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” who interviewed mothers of many children confirm this. According to females, connections in the “higher-ranking” authorities are needed to be provided with accommodation. Cases when households with eight children reside in a studio are quite common. Taking into account all family-related expenses, they cannot afford to rent more spacious accommodation.

One of such families resides in a tiny apartment in the residential district Parakhat-7. When asked when new accommodation will be provided, officials reply that the documents have been accepted and the apartment will be provided once a new apartment block is built. However, despite the fact that each year state-run media outlet report that keys from apartments have been handed in to mothers with many children, the family is urged to stay in a one-bedroom apartment.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan