Mudflow damages the city of Kushka in Mary velayat

On 15 May the mudflow flooded the city of Kushka (Serkhetabad) in Mary velayat.

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that in lowlands the water level reached two meters. Houses and many household buildings in the city have been flooded. Many domestic animals, including cattle, died.

Dozens of cars were carried away by the flow. Even huge MAZ trucks were moved 100-200 meters away, � eyewitnesses report.

According to sources of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, the city infrastructure was seriously damaged. Fortunately, there are no victims among the inhabitants.

The water level in the city has currently fallen down.

Video of the moving mudflow which had been allegedly made in the village of Nokhur in Akhal velayat, was posted in social networks

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan