Mulikov was deprived of all awards, and numerous violations were revealed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan Isgender Mulikov , who was dismissed during a meeting of the Security Council on October 1, by order of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, was deprived of all state awards and demoted from lieutenant general to police major.

During the meeting, the Prosecutor General of Turkmenistan Batyr Atdaev reported on the results of the audit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, during which shortcomings and cases of corruption were revealed, the state news agency TDH reports .

Mulikov appointed Berdimirat Berdiev , who had a veterinary education, as interim manager of a correctional institution in the Akhal province ;

The ex-minister failed to cope with traffic violations. During the month of road safety, which took place in September, there were cases associated with the creation of obstacles to the coordinated traffic of vehicles on the capital's roads;

Captain Kerimguly Charyev, a traffic police officer, was detained for using official vehicles for other purposes. In particular, transport was unlawfully used when transporting community workers of the khyakimlik of Ashgabat;

Corruption detected among traffic police inspectors. In particular, the police Guvanch Mukhammedov and Sylapberdi Shirliev, conspiring, demanded a large bribe from the driver of a stopped car, although all the documents were in order. Police threatened the driver with confiscation of the car;

Abuse of authority by the police. Ashgabat traffic police officer Azat Saparov tried to prevent the compilation of a protocol on his close friends who violated traffic rules;

After an additional investigation into the case of entrepreneur Chary Kulov , who was arrested in mid-September, new facts of bribery on an especially large scale were revealed. Two houses and several cars were confiscated in favor of the state. Note that the publication Turkmen news suggests that it was precisely because of the connection with Kulov that Mulikov was removed from his post. According to the publication, the arrested businessman was sentenced to 25 years;

Mulikov did not dismiss the deputy head of the passportization department of Ashgabat Didarmyrat Muhammedov , who is a relative of Chara Kulov. Muhammadov, according to the investigation, covered the currently convicted relative.

All the above-mentioned violators were arrested, and the above facts show that the Minister of the Interior did not perform the duties assigned to him properly , TDH reports.

The official Turkmen media are silent about the fate of the ex-minister, however, according to the Gundogar publication , Mulikov was arrested.

Radio Azatlyk reported the arrest of Mulikov's personal driver Maksat Amanov . According to radio information, the arrested Kulov ran the ex-minister's business, while Amanov played the role of an intermediary.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan