Museum of Fine Arts Hosts Exhibition Devoted to This Year’s Slogan

An exhibition of Turkmen artists' works has opened at the Museum of Fine Arts. It is devoted to this year's slogan - Turkmenistan: A Land of Prosperity. Alongside with well-known and much-loved artworks, the exhibition includes many new paintings exhibited for the first time, Deputy Director of the Museum of Fine Arts Jennet Karanova tells. � Apart from paintings and sculptures, on display are all forms of applied arts: ceramics, jewelry, tapestry and felt mats. We hope that the exhibits will help visitors to capture the spirit of our native country's present day.

A centerpiece of the themed exhibition is a symbolist painting, entitled 'Happy Turkmenistan' by People's Artist of Turkmenistan Yarly Bairamov. The artist depicted his characters � representatives of different generations � a father, a son and a daughter � on a high hill. Behind is a grand panorama of Ashgabat against the scenic backdrop of the Kopetdag. The young girl is holding on her head a big dish with the bounties of fertile Turkmen land, representing prosperity. The teenage boy is eagerly watching white doves, the symbol of peace and friendship, flying in the sky.

A painting, 'Serenity' by Rakhman Umarov has something in common with the painting by Yarly Bairamov: a pair of swans flying above a pond with the emerald-green foliage of poplar trees reflecting in the mirror-like surface. Delicate colors, smooth color transitions and the magic of graceful brushstrokes create a sense of harmony. 'Tenderness' is another work by this artist. A little girl is kissing a horse lovingly and tenderly. Even the wall in the background glitters brightly in the sunshine. Through the girl, a main character of the painting, the artist expressed the Turkmen's nation's boundless love for Akhalteke horses.

A painting 'Parthian Autumn' by Valentin Kudryashov is being displayed for the first time. Yet again, the artist amazes visitors with a bright palette of unusual colors. The painting depicts a violet tree casting a purple shadow on the ground, a path covered with amethyst-colored stones, a sun-drenched field with a flock of sheep grazing nearby. In the distance are the ruins of the unique monument of the Turkmen people's historical and cultural heritage � Nisa � the capital of the Parthian Empire. This dramatic part of our home country represents our faithful adherence to traditions and aspiration for progress.

Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Saparmammed Meredov presented his new paintings. Among them are 'A Melody of Turkmen Meadows' and Opening My Heart. An easel in a scenic place is the artist's characteristic signature. The artist seems to emphasize that he sees life through the prism of artistic perception.

The exhibition also features a collection of jewelry made by Aijemal Charyeva, who was named 'The Woman of the Year' in 2018 for her talent and professionalism.

It comes easy to her to make exquisite gem-encrusted filigree jewelry from silver and German silver; at least, it seems so. A glass case with the collection was like a magnet for women, who spent much time, admiring it.

A ceramic figurine entitled 'Love' by Bakhar Annakulieva also drew visitors' attention. Two birds, caressing each other, enchant with their fineness and majestic grace. It was not the beauty of the peafowls' plumage that Bakhar brought to the fore, but the deep tenderness the birds show for each other. And she did it brilliantly.

On view are handmade crafts by Aina Saparova, in particular her original felt rug vividly named 'Family'. The rug, which is yellow and orange in color, radiates the warmth of Turkmen land and the strong affection of loving hearts.

Not only does the young artist works with felt, on display are also her hand-painted pumpkins. Interestingly, until quite recently, artists depicted mostly women on pear-shaped pumpkins. However, thanks to innovators like Aina Saparova, new design ideas have been introduced. Visitors have the chance to see scenes from rural life: a woman is making traditional flat bread and milking a cow, her husband is going hunting accompanied by dogs...

The exhibition, entitled Turkmenistan: A Land of Prosperity at the Museum of Fine Arts is many-faceted and stylistically diverse. It features original ceramic figurines, well-crafted tapestry and paintings about our beautiful country.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper