Musicians of the Camerata group and the premiere of “Mosaic of Emotions”

The musicians of the Camerata group, and these are Bahram Dolyev (first violin and artistic director), Aylar Botayarova (second violin), Tahir Ataev (viola), Kakageldy Khodzhalekov (cello), Ismail Sakhetmuradov (double bass), Vladimir Mkrtumov (forteriano), most recently with debuted in front of the Ashgabat audience with great success. Today they are again on the stage of the Turkmen Music and Drama Theater named after. Makhtumkuli.


Opening the concert, host Dovletmammet Okdirov promised the assembled audience a pleasant evening, and the musicians fulfilled this promise. Sonata No. 5 by Jean Marie Leclerc, as well as Anton Arensky’s Quintet, Georgy Sviridov’s Romance to A.S. Pushkin’s “Snowstorm”, “Viennese Evenings” by Franz Schubert-Franz Liszt and other works loved by almost all countries.


The popular work of Vincenzo Chiara “The Proud Charm of Posture” performed by Leyla Okdirova sounded simply charming, receiving a flurry of applause from the audience.


The guest of the stage, the honored worker of arts of Turkmenistan, composer Rovshen Nepesov, came with a gift – that evening the music lovers who gathered in the hall had the honor of becoming the first listeners of the maestro’s new work – “Mosaic of Emotions”. Rovshen Nepesov in his work conveyed the change in the emotional state of a person during one day, and he did it in the original sound style. With flowers and applause, the audience thanked the composer for the elegant gift.


“Caprice” by Niccolo Paganini ended the concert program of the Camerata group. The magical sounds of this work again caused a flurry of incessant applause. And then, for an encore, the musicians performed “Staccato” by Dinika Choir.


The concert brought pleasure to both listeners and musicians.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper