National Draughts and Pool Checkers Tournament defines the participants of the forthcoming World Championship

Specialized Sport Draught School of Balkan Velayat administration centre held Turkmenistan Draughts and Pool Checkers Championship between men and women. The participants, having arrived from all the velayats of the country, contested not only for the medals but also for the qualification to the national team that would take part in the World Championship in USA this June.

Only the first and second positions in these competitions will guarantee the participation in the planet competition. That is why the contest for the prizes was stubborn and uncompromised. In women competitions, International grand Master, existing absolute world champion Amangul Durdiyeva was the best and won the gold. The representative of the host team showed 100 percent result having scored 44 out of 44 possible points.

It is worth mentioning that Amangul, owing to the victory in the last year world championship, automatically becomes the member of the national team and two cherished places were given to the sportsmen who the silver and bronze prizes. Alynay Ovezova and Jamile Mammetniyazova with 38 and 34 points accordingly from Balkan Velayat were lucky winners.

In men’s group, the entire podium was taken by the representative of the Durdiyevs’ dynasty. Same as a year before, the younger brother, Master of Sports Maksat Durdiyev who scored 56 points out of 60 possible (26 wins and 4 draws) too gold medal. Byashim Durdiyev yielded only one point and won the bronze. Bahtiyat Durdiyev with 54 points concluded the three of the best.

Penagylych Ezizgylyjov, who was the leader in the junior category last year, will represent Turkmenistan in the World Championship.

The planet competition will be held in International Draughts Hall of Fame of the small town Petal, Mississippi. It has a unique collection of books, antique items including the art works from the Ancient Egypt as well as photos. There are the supporters of this intellectual game from Turkmenistan � Mustafa and Amangul Durdiyeva, among the names of the outstanding draughts players of the world.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper