National football and futsal teams of Turkmenistan headed by Croatian coaches

According to the information site Gundogar , the Football Federation of Turkmenistan has announced the appointment of new head coaches of national football and futsal teams. The Croatian national team coach Ante Mise (in the photo on the right) will lead the national football team , and his compatriot Robert Grdovic will play the mini-football team .

According to the background information of the publication, 51-year-old Ante Mishe is a former footballer who spent most of his career in the Croatian club Hajduk from Split. As head coach, he led a number of Croatian and Bosnian clubs. He was an assistant to the head coach of the Croatian team Ante Cacic (2016-2018), with whom he was dismissed for unsatisfactory results. He has no experience of independent work as a head coach at the level of national teams.

The new head coach of the Turkmenistan national futsal team 45-year-old Robert Grdovich is a former famous footballer who played for the futsal clubs of Croatia and Italy. Finished his playing career in 2011, after which he coached several Croatian clubs. Last place of work - coach-consultant of the Croatian futsal team.

The Turkmenportal publication has published an interview with Ante Micha, in which the new coach of the national team criticized the state of football in Turkmenistan.

In the national championship there is only the Higher League, there is no second division and there is no youth championship for the age groups 15-16, 17-18 and 19-20 years. When we talked with Sandro Tomic, we discussed this. We attended the national championship match between Akhal and Ashgabat. And what did you see? A 40-year-old player went on the field as a substitute in the Akhal team. And where is the youth - the future of Turkmen football? I would like to see 17-year-old young footballers on the field, so that there is progress in football, said Misha.

In addition, the new coach urged not to wait for miracles: We don't have a magic wand, like in the Harry Potter movie, to make the Turkmen team immediately start playing at a high level. There is a lot of hard work ahead, a lot of communication with clubs and football players, the coach said.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan