National Kickboxing Team Wins 14 Gold, 13 Silver and 23 Bronze Medals

Almost 300 athletes from 17 countries compete for medals in the kickboxing tournament held in six combat categories � point fighting, semi-contact, kick light, low kick, full contact, and musical form style. Yesterday Turkmen athletes confidently topped the medal chart with six gold medals (for comparison, their closest pursuers, the Iran national team, had only two medals).

Today, eight more top awards were added to our team's medal count allowing our compatriots to maintain their leading position. The top of pedestal was occupied by Guych Gokov (57 kg) and Rustem Annaorazov (74 kg) in point fighting; Ysmayyl Atayev (63.5 kg), Serdar Mammedov (79 kg) and Gulzada Jorakuliyeva (65 kg) in kick-light; Gochmyrat Jumaniyazov (71 kg), Azamat Jumakuliyev (81 kg) and Azat Annayev (91 kg) in full contact.

Thus, the medal count for the Turkmenistan National Team includes 14 gold, 13 silver and 23 bronze medals. Iranian athletes rank second in the overall standing with 13 wins, while Kyrgyzstan is third with 7 gold medals.

The Asian Kickboxing Championship will conclude on 30th April, and then the final results will be announced.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper