National programme of adaptation of youth at labour market is under development

Draft programmes of adaptation of youth at labour markets in Turkmenistan and improvement of employment and the Implementation Plan of this document have been developed. The purpose of the programme is to study the requirements for specialists in the branches of national economy, to take scientifically based decisions, to improve professional qualification of youth, to create social and living conditions for young personnel and to stimulate the interest to work. It is also planned to increase number of work places where the knowledge of advanced information and communication technologies is required. Vicepremier Gochmyrad Myradov informed the Head of the State during the session of the Government.

The head of the State focused that following the priorities of social and economic development of Turkmenistan and the course to industrialization of the country, the requirements in qualified specialists having vast knowledge and able to solve the objectives is growing.

This Programme has to be aimed at the enhancement of competiveness of youth in labour market, efficient involvement of its intellectual and creative potential, the President said, having given relative assignments to the Vicepremier for continuation of integrated work in this direction.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper