New Ahal Centre – a “smart” city

The first stage of the administrative centre of the Ahal velayat under construction appears as a prototype of the city of the future, where, along with the construction of a complex of buildings and structures, a modern functional and comfortable living environment is being formed.


At the first stage of the development of the Centre – on an area of about 700 hectares, the builders raised 384 objects, including 258 residential buildings, where more than 12 thousand families will live. The construction of 64 administrative and public buildings, medical and sports facilities, as well as facilities related to engineering infrastructure is being completed here. The marble-lined walls of the museum, library, circus, hakimlik building and other representative buildings rose up.


Any city will be the way we make it ourselves. Builders offer future newcomers in multi-storey buildings spacious, bright apartments, comfortable elevators, landscaped courtyards, affordable services, playgrounds, close interaction of the urban environment with artificial intelligence.


By forming this comfortable environment, the developer seeks to turn the urban space into a starting point for building a beautiful and comfortable world. This “new world” is being created in a picturesque place – in the foothills of the Kopetdag. To preserve the natural beauty of the territory, it must be a model in terms of both urban culture and ecology. “Green” technologies are needed here not only for the sake of preserving natural beauty, but also for the optimally comfortable living of the population, fruitful work and study, good rest, sports and creativity. It is no coincidence that the developer pays special attention to the location of squares and the creation of a well-maintained and landscaped area inside the residential area. The new administrative centre of the Ahal velayat should become a role model, both in terms of a new urban culture and in terms of ecology. A real garden city!


Great importance is attached to equipping social facilities, including schools, kindergartens, with the latest modern technologies and digital systems. The implementation of the concept of a “smart” city is based on the integration of advanced information and communication technologies and Internet resources into the social and domestic sphere. Here, for the first time, there is a close interaction of the urban environment with artificial intelligence, which transfers many routine operations to technology, relieving a person of them.


In “smart” houses, with the help of digital systems, the integrity of the perimeter (doors and windows) is monitored, video surveillance of the adjacent territory is provided. They can be equipped with leakage, intrusion, movement, presence, door opening sensors. Devices executing commands coming from the controller: meters, ball valves with electric drive, sockets, locks, switches that will ensure safe living.


About a thousand elevators are being installed in residential buildings in Ahal City, combined with computer technology and machine learning. To control modern “smart elevators”, an automatic system has been introduced here to control the process of movement of a passenger elevator, taking into account many factors: speed of movement, safety, passenger convenience, waiting time, and others.


An important stage in the adaptation of facilities under the Accessible Environment program will be underground passages, which will be equipped with escalators and elevators, as well as traffic lights equipped with sound and vibration modules. When the green signal is turned on, the vibration and sound notification will work. They inform hearing-impaired and visually-impaired pedestrians that it is okay to cross the road.


The idea of a “smart city” usually focuses entirely on computer technology. However, in the Ahal centre, the builders offer an alternative concept. Here the sidewalks are equipped with tactile ground signs. These special pavement coverings make the movement of people with disabilities more comfortable and safer. Tactile paving is an effective solution to help the visually impaired feel safe and comfortable navigating difficult pavement sections.


The Administrative Centre will have a data centre – a single database, as well as a universal city application that allows residents to pay bills, receive various information, etc.


Speaking about the observance of cleanliness in cities and towns, as part of the implementation of the concept of a “smart” city, a program is being developed to install “smart” litter bins that, thanks to their technical equipment, can report to the appropriate service about their filling.


Turkmenistan, having embarked on the path of progressive transformations, is also aimed at implementing the concept of “smart” cities. Thus, a modern city with all conditions for comfortable living will soon appear in the foothills of the Kopetdag, which will become another clear reflection of the progress of the Motherland in the epoch of power and happiness, as well as a source of pride for the people of Turkmenistan.





Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper