New issue of specialized magazine is dedicated to new buildings in Ashgabat and tendencies of urban construction

Regular issue of Construction and Architecture magazine presenting new projects and tendencies of national urban construction and highlighting professional subjects of project planning, engineering and construction technologies, seismic safety of the facilities and landscape design has been released.

From issue to issue, the magazine tells about successes and achievements of architecture and construction complex of Turkmenistan. Published in Turkmen, English and Russian languages, the magazine supports the development of international exchange of the information in this sphere, cooperation between the investors, clients, designers, producers and suppliers of building materials and equipment, the implementation of advanced technical solutions and new ideas, innovative scientific developments.

The magazine published by the Ministry of Construction and Architecture is designated not only for the specialists but to everyone who express the interest in architecture as an art and environment. Its general concept is not only to present the news of the industry and comments of the specialists on certain facts and events but also to reveal them in social, economic and historical context. Same like ancient masterpieces of Turkmen architecture visually narrate about the past of the nation, architectural chronicle will tell the truth of our epoch to our descendants in the future.

Current issue is built in the context of the main subject: The main objective of the State is the growth of life level of the population. This is the title of the first article on new buildings of Turkmen capital including comfortable living houses, social facilities and modern infrastructure. Number of materials narrates about the projects of construction of elite cottage complexes as well as the golf court that were recently opened in the country and brought new bright colours to the image of Ashgabat.

The issue has the articles about the construction of Turkmenbashy International Seaport, which is to be large logistic centre of the region and on building of modern villages with urban living standards in our country.

Publications of leading Turkmen specialists and experts of urban construction sphere bring up such important subjects as the plagiarism in architectural sphere, health and safety in the industry and its standards, special features of efficient use of innovative construction and tiling materials. It also presents the material about international project for the assessment of seismic risk elaborated by national scientists together with Japanese colleagues.

Any settlement, either it is a city or a village, can be imagined as single architectural, economic and social organism, while electrical energy network is its circulatory system. The article on development of electrical energy from the point of view of the provision of growing demands of the population closes new publication.

Such combination of professional assessments and opinions, scientific approach, artistic presentation of the illustrations, drawings and sketches in the content of magazine allows editorial board of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan making good intellectual product.

Specialized issues is valuable source of conceptual profile information, the place for advertisement of the companies in local market, reliable assistant for the clients in the decision making as well as the display of engineering ideas and accomplished projects of urban construction programme.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper