New issues of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of Turkmenistan magazine published

First issue of quarterly scientific and practical magazine “Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of Turkmenistan” published by the Foreign Ministry put international conference “Turkmenistan and International Organizations: Cooperation for Peace and Development”, which was held in Ashgabat on January 14 with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, on the central place of its pages.

Big forum, where representatives of competent organizations have been invited, gave start to anniversary events planned to be held during 2020, which is held under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality”.

Collection of material on this subject is opened with the text of the speech of the President at the above-mentioned conference. Having reminded that our country would widely observe the 25th anniversary of international recognition of the status of neutrality together with the world community this year, the Head of the State highlighted that this is remarkable event in the history of independent Turkmenistan and milestone in its foreign policy.

Today, Turkmen neutrality is an important factor of regional security. Its fundamental principles entirely meet strategic directives of the UN in Central Asia, which are aimed at turning of the region into the zone of peace and cooperation, firm link of continental stability.

Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that the UN can always rely on support of Turkmenistan, which use political and diplomatic means inherited to neutrality for creation of atmosphere of understanding and trust, favourable conditions for equal and constructive partnership.

Efficiency of foreign policy of Turkmenistan, compliance of its principles with long-term interests of the world community, was confirmed by the UN Under-Secretary General, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe Olga Algaerova and the UN Permanent Coordinator in Turkmenistan Elena Panova.

The authors showed keen interest in further intensification of fruitful multidimensional cooperation with our country in their articles published in the magazine.

It was mentioned that Turkmenistan was one of the first countries, which officially adopted the Sustainable Development Goals and implemented them in national plans and social and economic programmes. Big joint work for promotion of started initiatives, development of existing formats and platforms of cooperation as well as intensification of dialog in the main spheres in the interest of peace and stability is ahead.

Turkmenistan also pays special attention to strengthening of friendly and respectful relations with neighbouring states. Bilateral talks held between President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and President Ilham Aliyev during official visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan on March 11 are exemplary in this regard.

During the high-level meeting, the sides stated with delight high level of trust and understanding as well as proximity of approaches and positions in current issues of the world politics and confirmed the intent to give new impulse to traditional cooperation, which is initially built on the principles of respect and taking into account national interests.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Afghanistan to Turkmenistan Najibullah Alihil expressed gratitude to the President of our country for assistance in setting peace, stability and economic development of Afghanistan on the pages of the magazine.

For many years, Turkmenistan provides targeted economic and humanitarian support to neighbouring country. It is expressed in construction of medical and educational facilities, beneficial supplies of electricity, study of Afghan students in Turkmen educational facilities, regular humanitarian cargos and other assistance.

Big attention is paid to realization of major infrastructural projects in such vitally important spheres as energy, transport and communications their implementation is an important factor of political stabilization, economic and social rehabilitation of Afghanistan, its successful integration into regional and world economic processes.

Priority international principles in development of the country based on the policy of neutrality, contribution of Turkmenistan into provision of global energy security, importance of positive initiatives in improvement of foreign economic activity were among other subjects highlighted in the magazine.

Authors of the articles note that international authority of our country has entered unbelievable height due to active realization of peace-loving foreign policy.

Numerous forums, exhibitions, political consultations, talks with delegation of different countries and competent organizations are the evidence of steadfast commitment to this course.

Traditional section “Chronicle of Diplomatic Life” is dedicated to bilateral meetings held in Ashgabat and abroad in March – January this year.

Therefore, explaining priorities and main directions of foreign doctrine of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of Turkmenistan, which publishes articles in Turkmen, English and Russian languages, supports to better understanding of goals and objectives of our country by the world community.


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